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jumpstart your life workshop


“I’ve recommended Elin to a number of organizations and they’re all delighted with her.” — Randy Gage, author of the New York Times bestseller, Risky Is the New Safe

russ hall

“You have helped bring motivation and excitement … which leaves (us) with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. You are what turns an ordinary event into something extraordinary.” — Russ Hall, Corporate Owner and CEO

The “Jumpstart Your Life” Workshop

3 Keys to Having a Life or Business You Love

During this fun and interactive training, your group or business will have an opportunity to experience three essential keys to having the life that they love. Whether designed for businesses, clubs, churches or other organizations, you will laugh and learn:

  • How to find your purpose
  • Define your dream and vision for your life
  • Design your dream life, explore your discontents and your longings
  • The blueprint to jumpstarting your life in an electrifying “aha” way
  • How to stop fear, doubt and worry from getting in your way
  • And so much more….!!

To book Elin to speak to your group or company, or to request more information, please contact:
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